In a volatile, rapidly changing world, banks need to be fast on their feet and quick to grasp fresh opportunities and respond to new challenges and competitors.

You need solutions that are simple to implement and grow, easily adapted to your operating model and flexible enough to support new products, new banking entities and even wholly new business models.

For us, it’s about giving you exceptional flexibility, while keeping operational costs to the absolute minimum. It’s a tall order, but that’s what Avaloq does best and we relish the challenge.

In banking, agility pays off

Coutts introduced a new 90 day notice savings account in two weeks

CITIC, DBS and Crèdit Andorrà all use Avaloq to manage a wide range of clients, from retail and mass affluent to UHNW

Cramer & Cie merged two private bank acquisitions in just 90 days each

Capital Union Bank was ready for business only three months after being given the go-ahead

Pictet, Safra Sarasin and LGT each run a global business from a single operations centre

HSBC has been able to centralise operations while keeping the data local for compliance reasons

Shaping up for your future

In the near future, you may want to launch new products or reach out to new segments such as retail consumers or the mass affluent.  You may want to conquer new markets, acquire other banks or centralise operational support for several businesses or countries. No matter which strategic choices you make, we will be on your side.

We would be delighted to show you how we’ve structured our solutions around a SaaS model to make sure that all these initiatives can be handled rapidly and with ease. 

Making the back office work for you

With margins under pressure and new types of competitor emerging, you need to focus on your core competencies if you are going to stand out from the crowd.

To make that possible, your bank must be able to rely on suppliers who can run the undifferentiated areas of the business and deliver low-cost, industrial-grade operations.

With Avaloq, you choose where you want to focus.

With our SaaS solution, we manage the technology and you manage the operations. With the added option of BPaaS, we can manage it all for you.

Five ways to achieve greater agility

Visual case management tools, an integrated financial products module, embedded rules and simple parameterisation make creating new products quick and painless.

Our multi-entity single instance data model allows effortless centralisation of operations, with the option to store data locally but manage it centrally.

Support for every type of bank client through one product with a single data model makes it easy to address new segments.

Avaloq’s standard set-up, integrated processes and flexible BPaaS operations simplify launches and mergers.

Our modular structure makes adding new functionality simple.

Cramer & Cie is an outstanding example of BPaaS's ability to support strategic M&A activity. The Swiss-based private bank bought two banks – Valartis and Banque des Dépôts et de Gestion – in two years, and integrated each of them within 90 days. Our Swiss outsourcing centre handled the full front-to-back migration onto the Avaloq platform, freeing managers to focus on their core business and providing a standardised solution that could be customised to achieve market differentiation. Headcount was cut by 30 and the rapid integration meant Cramer quickly began to reap the benefits of the two mergers.

“We saw a big opportunity, through upgrading our systems, to build our capability to react to relevant information in real time. Time-to-market is very important in this business.”

Olivier Crespin

Former COO, DBS Wealth Management

“The solution’s adaptability enables us to customise and develop new operational business models.”

Younès Benjelloun

CEO, CFG Group

“By working with Avaloq, we not only profit from efficiency gains, but also from a more agile way of operating.”

Marco Tini

CEO, Axion Swiss Bank