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Ownership of the website, contents and copyrighted material

All elements and content included in the website of Avaloq, and in particular elements that are protected by copyright and/or other rights, are the exclusive and comprehensive property of Avaloq or its licensers, provided no information stating otherwise is mentioned. Such elements and content are available for browsing purposes only. Information may (in addition to any technically necessary temporary cached copy) be downloaded, printed and reproduced in any form provided the source is stated in full. Any other act or behaviour not explicitly mentioned herein, including without limitation the modification, publication or public display of any element or content included in the website of Avaloq, requires the prior consent of Avaloq. The downloading or copying of the website of Avaloq does not confer any rights in respect of the software, elements or content of the website of Avaloq.



The Avaloq logo is a registered trademark of Avaloq. The website of Avaloq or its use do not confer any rights whatsoever to the Avaloq logo.


Prohibition of use as point of contact for legal documents and declarations

Under no circumstances may the e-mail addresses featured on the website of Avaloq be used as an addressee or point of contact for documents, notifications or any declaration of a legal nature in respect of Avaloq or its employees.


No representations, warranties and guarantees

While Avaloq takes reasonable steps to ensure the reliability or accuracy of the information or content it presents on its website, neither Avaloq nor any third-party information or content provider can extend any representations, warranties or guaranties, either express or implied, with regard to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or up-to-date nature of any information or content on the website of Avaloq. Any representations, warranties or guarantees, either express or implied, regarding the website of Avaloq, its reliability or accuracy and the information and content published on the website are fully disclaimed. The information and content published on the website are provided by Avaloq exclusively for informational purposes only and are not to be reused for commercial purposes. They may change at any time without notice.


Exclusion of liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Avaloq excludes any liability for any loss or damage (including indirect and consequential loss or damage) resulting from or in any way relating to the website of Avaloq, the accessing of the website or of individual elements thereof, the use of the website or its elements, or a user being unable to access or prevented from accessing the website or its elements.


Links to other websites

The website of Avaloq may include links to third-party websites. Avaloq has not verified all content and elements of such linked websites and, consequently, assumes no liability at all in relation to such websites.


Privacy and Cookie Policy

Avaloq collects information about the usage of the websites and applications. Avaloq processes personal data in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992 (as amended from time to time). Information of browsers or devices may be collected when visiting an Avaloq website, including IP addresses, the page leading to the website and, if applicable, the search terms used.

Personal details provided through the contact form on the website will be stored. Such personal data may be used in client relationship management systems in order to contact users, e.g. via e-mail, newsletter or other channels. Personal data may be connected to or combined with data already existing at Avaloq to improve data quality.

Avaloq has implemented reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data collected via the website against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction.

Data transmitted via the internet may be intercepted by third parties.

Avaloq websites use cookies to store information on the user’s computer or mobile device. Cookies are small files that save certain settings and data to exchange with Avaloq’s websites via the browser. Such cookies are used for statistical purposes and to improve user experience and online advertising campaigns. Cookies enable, for example, tailoring websites to better match user’s interests or storing language preferences or passwords.

Avaloq may disclose information to its affiliates and their agents and third-party providers inside or outside the user’s country of residence to perform services for Avaloq.

Resetting a browser, deleting cookies or accessing the Avaloq website from another browser or device may cause a loss of cookie settings. Cookies may be managed by settings in the browser. Certain functions of the website may no longer work, or not work correctly, without cookies.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Switzerland, without regard to the conflict of law provisions thereof. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Schwyz, Switzerland.